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Glenview Haus Opens the Door to Chicago’s Next Interior Design Transformation: Custom Interior Door Design


If you thought that plumbing fixtures were the final frontier in the quest to turn every piece of a home into a design opportunity, think again. It’s custom interior door design. For too many years we tolerated ugly or, at best, average-looking faucets, shower heads, and the like because we simply did not have any other options or simply did not know any better. Then Kohler revolutionized an industry as well as bathrooms across America. Faucets—who knew? Doors are now on the verge of a similar moment.

The demand for custom door design is increasing rapidly across urban centers, suburban neighborhoods, and small towns alike. Chicago is no exception. Leading the charge in Chicago’s own entryway and interior door revolution is local architectural door showroom Glenview Haus. Located in the design-driven River North neighborhood, Glenview Haus caters exclusively toward architects and interior designers. The company’s mission? To be Chicago’s one-stop destination for all custom interior door design. Glenview Haus is a true first for the Chicago design community. The showroom offers a wide variety of styles on display for inspiration, with architectural design services at the ready. Glenview Haus gives designers the ability to create and install any door in any style with countless customization options.

Glenview Haus owner Greg Wozniak wants Chicago to know that when it comes to doors, there are options that many people wouldn’t have dreamed of several years ago. “A door isn’t just something you put up between rooms to block out noise or grant privacy,” says Wozniak. “It’s a unique opportunity to define a space and make a design statement with real impact. It’s the difference between ‘very nice’ and ‘wow’.”

For Chicago architects and designers seeking to distinguish their designs and make those wow statements, custom interior door design has never been easier. Wozniak knows that once the design community knows their options, sees what’s possible, and understands how Glenview Haus will make it happen for them, there will be a dramatic shift in the way they design doors into a space.

TruStile CEO Speaks at Glenview Haus Event to Educate Architects and Interior Designers on Custom Interior Door Design

For Wozniak, it’s all about education and getting the word out. Last week, Glenview Haus and Luxe Magazine co-hosted TruStile President & CEO Scott Schmid for a presentation about the way custom doors are changing interiors. The evening was a perfect summation of the design revolution in progress. It was just one in a steady stream of events geared toward educating Chicago architects and interior designers about doors.

Schmid’s presentation focused on interior doors as an often unexplored and underused tool in an architect or interior designer’s bag of tricks. And while the presentation was thoughtful and passionate, it was the supporting imagery that told the real story. The story of what is possible.

Schmid agrees that physically showing architects and interior designers their options opens up a world of possibilities. He believes Chicago is lucky to have Glenview Haus pushing this design revolution forward. “I think what Glenview Haus is doing here is really unique and it’s really important,” says Schmid. “They are selling doors to interior designers the way that furniture companies sell furniture to interior designers. And nobody has tried to [show] doors . . . in the way that they [are]. I think that’s really great. It’s very unique and the expo is terrific, and there’s nobody else doing it.”

Luxe Magazine publisher Kathleen Mitchell echoed these sentiments, “Architects and interior designers love Glenview Haus because they now have a beautiful showroom to bring in their clients and show them the possibilities. It’s unique and a good idea.”

View the event photo gallery and read more about the TruStile doors interior design event.

Read Glenview Haus’ complete post-event Q&A with TruStile President and CEO Scott Schmid.

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