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Modern European Hardware for High End Modern Interior Doors

Modern Interior Door in Modern Home

There are two main elements to consider while purchasing a modern interior door. The door design and the hardware used to accent. Our custom interior doors stand out from our competitors because of the sleek appearances, as well as the expert craftsmanship. The hardware that we use, is no exception. Our clients can choose every detail, from the hinges, to the trim, to even how the door latches onto the frame. For some, this might be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, our team over at Glenview Haus is more than happy to help provide some guidance. There are three pieces of hardware that need to be decided upon by our clients—lever trim, hinges, and the latching mechanism.

Premium Lever Sets for Modern Interior Doors

Linea Cali Lever Set Example

The first hardware decision is the lever or knob trim. We recommend a couple different high-end brands that are nothing short of exceptional. One brand that we highly recommend, due to the competitive pricing and the endless amount of options, is Linea Cali. As an Italian born company, Linea Cali is a top of the line luxury hardware manufacturer. Crafted from the finest materials, Line Cali’s products are some of the most high-end pieces that can be found on the market. Door hardware is a functioning accessory that will beautifully adorn your custom Glenview Haus interior door. The custom trim products vary in design, shape, and size. All designs and models are patented and fully exclusive to the Linea Cali brand.


Linea Cali uses the highest quality materials and finishes. A new collaboration with world renowned Swarovski Crystals has hit the market, elevating Linea Cali’s reach and brand. The crystal detailing adds a timeless and elegant feel to the already sleek hardware. Perfect for historical and more traditional homes, this Swarovski collection will surely provide an added glamorous element. Levers and knobs are like accessories for your doors. Your custom interior doors will be beautifully accented when paired with custom hardware.

Magnetic Latch Locks for Modern Interior Doors

Magnetic Latch Lock

The next hardware detail that will further elevate your door, is choosing the latching mechanism. There are two options when it comes to the latch. First option is a standard latch that most traditional swing doors utilize. An alternative option provides a much more luxurious and modern feel that elevates the overall door unit. Our Magnetic Latch application removes the loud ‘click clack’ sound when you close a door. This feature adds a modern twist to your door that you never knew was needed. Design is constantly moving towards high end and efficient pieces that are simplified. Magnetic latches are the new trend, due to the seamless design and function.

Inner Workings of a Magnetic Latch

Our magnetic latches use an electromagnetic fore to hold the door slab into place. If the door is not locked, there is no fear of the door swinging open unexpectedly. This product provides a completely secure closure that is guaranteed to provide privacy. Magnetic locks can hold approximately 300-1,200 pounds. Magnetic elements elevate the entire door unit to streamline efficiency, as well as modern design. We recommend including this feature into all interior door packages. Our magnetic latch hardware is supplied by The STV company. This company is family owned and operated, with nearly 60 years of experience.

Concealed Hinges for Smooth Operability and Clean Look

Concealed Hinge Image

Finally, hinges are an integral element for all interior doors. Simplify the appearance of all doors with the beauty of concealed hinges. We can provide this product for both Exterior and Interior door use. Concealed hinges create a streamlined appearance that modernize your residence.

Concealed Hinge Application

This hinge will lay flat on the door slab and the framing of your door. This provides a smooth surface on the interior of the unit and will be virtually invisible. This design detail allows for a seamless appearance and secure hold. Our concealed hinges are produced by the well-respected brand, Otlav. With over 60 years of experience in the hardware industry, Otlav has progressed with the ever-changing technology and have catapulted ahead of their competition. This brand uses cutting edge technology to create these European style hinges.

At Glenview Haus, we strive to be on the cutting edge of design and customer service. Our designers are available to assist with every stage of the project and are willing to offer experienced design advice. Our products are designed with longevity and satisfaction in mind. The brands that we work with attain the same values, and we are proud to offer them to all our clients.

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