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Ecoline Modern Interior Doors FAQ

What sizes are available in the Ecoline Interior Door collection?

Due to the convenient solution that this collection is intended to offer, Ecoline interior doors are only available inset, standard sizes. Available in 8 different widths ranging from 18″ – 36″ wide and 3 heights. The jamb depth on these doors is flexible between two different standard jamb depths. While these are only offered in set sizing, they are offered in many different configurations as well as your choice of design aesthetics.

How thick is the eco veneer on the Ecoline Interior Doors?

The synthetic, man-made veneer on our Ecoline doors is 1/6″ thick. This thin veneer allows for maximum flexibility and movement as the door shifts throughout the changing climate in the year. The thickness of this veneer was chosen strategically though to ensure flexibility but also to allow for an additional layer of protection on the door as well. Offered with a large selection of different finish options, this veneer is eco-friendly and gorgeous.

What configurations are available in the Ecoline Interior Doors collection?

Modern Ecoline interior doors are offered in many different configurations. While these doors only come in standard sizing options, we can create these doors in many different arrangements. Offered in both out-swing and in-swing door options as well as pocket doors, barn doors and sliding doors. For standard swing doors, frame and casing comes standard. For those doors in sliding or barn door configurations, they will come as slabs only tracks.

On Ecoline Interior Doors, are there other latching systems available?

Our Ecoline interior door collection is an all-encompassing offering that does not offer interchangeable systems. These doors are only offered with our European magnetic latching systems. By keeping this line set and simple in terms of the offerings, it helps homeowners, builders, designers and more make easy decisions that they will love. Magnetic latching systems provide a smoother, quieter close on our doors that we are sure you will love.

Are there options on magnetic latch finish for the Ecoline Interior Doors?

If you are looking for a matching finish on all metals for your door, select from the same four finishes as the hinges for your magnetic latching system as well. This will create a cohesive metal finish on all elements of the door. Offered in gold, chrome, white or black, these can be used to either standout or blend in with your door. For something more muted and understated, select a metal finish that blends in with the door.

What is magnetic latch hardware and how is this special to the Ecoline Interior Doors?

This European style system uses a flush latch that is controlled by a magnet catch in the door. Besides a very unique, modern design, this form of latching system provides a quieter, softer close that you can see, but cannot hear. Also available in a variety of different finishes, for both privacy and passage doors. This system comes offered with beautiful Italian hardware selections that are sure to stand out in your home.

Are there options on hinge finish for Ecoline Modern Interior Doors?

Offered in black, chrome, white or gold finishes, our concealed hinges provide a softer open and close to our interior doors. For a cohesive design, select matching finishes for your hinges and hardware. For a more hidden appearance, select a finish that will blend in with your door finish. Adjustable, fully hidden hinges that offer a sleek, modern design.

What hinges are available for the Ecoline Interior Doors and what is special about them?

Always offered with our high-quality Cemom concealed hinges. Our Ecoline Interior Doors offer superior technology and craftsmanship in every area. With hinges built into the framing of the door, these hinges are not only stronger, but also adjustable. Due to the hidden nature of these hinges, you will only notice them when you open the door to admire this amazing technology. Available in black, gold, white or chrome.

What frame types are available for the Ecoline Modern Interior Doors?

As a standard, everything included offering, our Ecoline Modern Interior Doors are only offered with our standard jamb and casing option. With a frame consisting of a wood engineered core providing durability, strength and stability, these door frames are stronger than your standard MDF options by more than 50%. Beauty meats strength and technology in these doors that is unbeatable.

Is casing included for the Ecoline Interior Doors?

Our Ecoline Interior Doors always come with casing included. As a package with the benefit of it being and easy, one-stop solution, casing comes standard with all of our models. Offered in a flat profile that is 3.15″ thick, our casing can come in a matching finish to the door, black or white. Offering a complete package with everything included, our Ecoline collection makes it easy to select your interior doors.

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