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What Makes Our Glass and Steel Interior Doors and Partition Walls the Best Product on the Market?

Steel and Glass Interior Door and Wall Partition in Modern Condo

The strength of steel is united with the delicate beauty of minimal stile and rail design. Our steel interior doors are welded to perfection and designed to work in virtually every space. Ideal for commercial, residential or hospitality applications, our custom European product is bound to elevate your space and peak your guests interest. There are several key components that work together to accomplish this ultra-modern design and state of the art construction. First, our custom heavy-duty, galvanized steel is weld to perfection with no room for errors. Encased within the heavy-duty steel is your choice of custom European glass. Our factory offers several standard glass options that range from clear, textured or fully opaque. We also offer the exclusive choice of insulated glass which is ideal for cold storage or temperature controlled rooms. The door is sealed with a powder coat finish is sprayed onto the steel and cured with heat to ensure the color is locked in and never fades or chips. Finally, a complimentary custom pull bar or a lever of your choice to finish off this steel unit. This custom steel interior door unit is not only beautiful, but it is hand crafted and guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

Custom High End Steel Profile

Steel and Glass Interior Door Steel Profile Close Up

Our steel is of the highest quality in all of Europe. This material is designed to be as thin as possible, managing to be at a minimum of 20mm in width while maintaining its strength and durability. Our steel frames are weld together by the highest certified technician’s in Europe that have decades of weld-work experience. Due to the high quality materials and craftsmanship, our product is a front runner in the steel door industry.

European Glass Options

Steel and Glass Interior Door Glass Options


Several custom options are available for our steel door and wall partition units. We offer a range of styles that will work in virtually every space and can provide privacy to different degrees. One feature that we are proud to offer is our insulated glass. We are able to offer this product for wine cellars, cold storage rooms, as well as indoor green houses. Our steel and glass doors can be tailored to meet any requirements to maintain a specific temperature.

Superior Powder Coat Finish

Steel and Glass Interior Door Powder Coat Close Up


The durability of steel is complemented with the durability of our powder coat finish technique. This technique is an advanced method of applying color that does not chip or fade over time. After the paint is sprayed onto the steel, it is cured with heat to bake the color into the product. This is sealed on all sides and is virtually indestructible once finalized.

Unique Handle and Lever Options

Steel and Glass Interior Door Hardware Sample


To complete the look, we offer nearly a dozen options for hardware trim. From pull bars to levers, we carry top of the line European hardware that is delivered installed onto your steel interior door. Our goal is to provide our customers with an effortless ordering process.

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