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Luxeline Modern Interior Doors FAQ

How thick are the Luxeline Modern Interior Doors?

The Luxeline Interior Door collection utilizes a door thickness of 1-3/4″ across all of our designs. While most other interior doors tend to be around 1-3/8″ thick, the slightly thicker construction allows for a more prominent look and feel on our doors. While most doors tend to feel rather thin and flimsy due to a smaller construction and typically a hollow core, the construction of our interior doors truly stands out.

How thick is the Luxline Interior Door veneer?

The real oak or mahogany veneer found on our Luxeline Modern Interior doors is 1/16″ thick. The benefit of utilizing such a thin veneer is an increase in flexibility of that wood. To prevent common issues or warping and cracking, having a veneer that is pliable is crucial. This thickness also acts as a protective layer on the door as well. Available in mahogany or oak in a large array of stains and paint finishes to fit your project.

How customizable are the Luxeline Modern Interior doors?

A fully customizable option, our Luxeline Modern Interior Doors can be constructed to your exact dimensions. Whether you are looking for a standard size, or something very unique, this line allows you to create the right door for you. Select from your choice of finish and material option as well as your choice of frame and casing options. Available with additional design elements such as metal inlay or glass to bring to life the door design of your dreams.

For Modern Luxeline Interior Doors, what glass options are available?

With many design options that utilize glass, we are happy to offer many different glass options. Always utilizing safety glass, we offer satin, smoke, black, and clear glass. With different levels of privacy based on what you desire, these glasses can also help bring a different design aesthetic to life in each door. For rooms where privacy is essential, our satin glass offers a privacy rating of 10 to offer you maximum comfort.

What configurations are available for Luxeline Interior Doors?

With the custom nature of our Luxeline Interior Doors, we can offer just about any configuration you are looking for. Our standard swing doors can come as single or double doors and can be installed for an in-swing or out-swing offering. We also offer sliding, pocket and barn door configurations for these as well. Whether you are looking to replace existing doors in your home or create beautiful doors for a new home, our Luxeline Modern Interior Doors are a great option for any of your project needs.

Are there other latching systems available for Luxeline Interior Doors?

While most people tend to love the look and feel of our magnetic latching system, we do offer an alternative latching system to this. With the offering of a standard, American latching system, you can utilize the same latching system you are probably used to. With a latch piece that sticks out on the edge of the door, this system comes offered with Emtek hardware options only. While this may be an option you wish to choose, it will not offer the same smooth, quiet, close as our magnetic latches.

Are there options on magnetic latch finish for the Luxeline Modern Interior Doors?

Just like our hinges, our magnetic latching systems are offered in multiple different finishes as well. Available in white, chrome, black or gold to be able to be match your hardware choice and your concealed hinge finish as well. By utilizing the same finish on your hinges and latching systems, you get a more uniform design of the door that keeps a sleek appearance.

What is magnetic latch hardware and how is this special to the Luxeline Interior Doors?

Our magnetic latching system utilizes European technology that creates a superior, smooth close on our interior doors. This latching system utilizes a flush latch on the door that is engaged when closed due to magnets on the receiving side. This offers a softer, quieter close on these doors and gives a very sleek, modern appearance. Offered in four different finishes to match your hinges and create a seamless design.

Are there options on hinge finish for Luxeline Interior Doors?

We offer multiple finishes for both our Tectus and Cemom concealed hinge options. The standard Cemom concealed hinges are offered in four different finishes: white, black, gold and chrome. For our Tectus concealed hinge option, we offer nickel, chrome, black, white and gold for the finishes. These hinges are fully hidden given a sleek, modern appearance.

What hinges are available for Luxeline Modern Interior Doors and what is special about them?

Our Luxeline interior doors are offered standard with our Cemom concealed hinges. Offering superior functionality with full adjustability, these hinges are offered in 4 different finishes. Available as an upgraded option are our Textus concealed hinges. These are the highest quality hinges that offer superior performance, control and precision. 3D adjustable with the highest level of technology to offer a truly superior concealed hinge option.

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