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DRIVEN BY DESIGN: Empowering the Next Transformation of Interior Design with President and CEO of TruStile Doors, Scott Schmid – May 18, 2017

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On Thursday, May 18, Glenview Haus and Luxe Magazine hosted TruStile Doors President and CEO Scott Schmid for an engaging presentation on custom doors as the future of interior design. The take-home message for Chicago’s top architects and interior designers in attendance is that doors are an underused design element. But that is all changing.

Schmid delved deeply into the topic of custom interior doors as untapped resources for creative expression. “Doors can really transform a house if each opening is thought of as a design opportunity,” says Schmid, because a world of possibility awaits when you design doors into a space. His eye-opening presentation came alive with an incredible slideshow of custom interior doors that demonstrate the power of well thought-out door design. Seeing is believing.

Glenview Haus shares this belief with TruStile, and the two companies also share a common goal to “inspire and empower a transformation in interior design.” Educating architects and interior designers on what’s possible is one of the showroom’s top priorities. The showroom has hosted a series of educational events tailored toward design professionals since it opened several months ago.

Perspectives on Glenview Haus and Interior Design

“I think what Glenview Haus is doing here is really unique and it’s really important,” said Schmid. “They are selling doors to interior designers the way that furniture companies sell furniture to interior designers. And nobody has tried to [show] doors . . . in the way that they [are]. I think that’s really great. It’s very unique and the expo is terrific, and there’s nobody else doing it. “

Luxe Magazine publisher Kathleen Mitchell echoed these sentiments, “Architects and interior designers love Glenview Haus because they now have a beautiful showroom to bring in their clients and show them the possibilities. It’s unique and a good idea.”

Mitchell also recognizes the shifting marketplace for custom doors in Chicago and beyond. “More designers are starting to see doors in a new way. They are seeing the opportunity to use doors as really cool accessories, whereas before they were an afterthought. Now they are using luxury materials like suede, leathers, and really cool metals – more like furniture.”

Read the complete post-event Q&A with TruStile President and CEO Scott Schmid.




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