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Aluminum Clad Front Doors FAQ

What is an Aluminum Shield in Front Door?

Aluminum Shields are metallic slabs that are layered on the outside of your front entry door. They are made of incredibly durable, aluminum that has the look, feel, and weight of a modern front door. Beyond just aesthetics, Aluminum Shields do exactly what the name implies: protect your door from the elements. Whether it is rain, wind, or sun, aluminum shields will make your door almost impervious to the weather.

Why Aluminum Clad or shouldn’t I just get a wood door?

Our front entry wood doors are weather-resistant while maintaining that classic wood aesthetic, so why opt for aluminum shield doors?

Due to our modern European technology, our standard wood entry doors are very weather resistant but wood will still have a small amount of deterioration because of its own nature. Aluminum shield doors are the perfect solution to those who would like a maintenance-free door with that final guarantee against deterioration.

But beyond the practical benefits, aluminum shield doors offer a high-end, metallic look that maintains that high quality feel. Opting for aluminum instead of wood will add a modern and sleek touch that complements several architectural styles.

How are the Aluminum Shield Doors Different from Aluminum Clad Doors?

Our aluminum shield doors are made using modern European technology that few American brands can match. The shield is placed on the front of the door to act as a shield against the elements (as the name implies). Our aluminum shield front entry doors differ from many basic aluminum clad doors because the shield never actually touches the wood veneer. This would interfere with vapor diffusion which could become a problem in less refined aluminum clad doors. Our aluminum shield doors are a simple concept with an intricate design.

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