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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Euro Technology Front Doors FAQ

What is Euro Technology – Traditional and Modern Front Doors?

The finest homes deserve the finest entries. Glenview Doors signature product lines offer the elegant appeal of solid wood doors, but with greater performance and lasting beauty. With advanced European technology, the highest quality materials, artisan finishing techniques, and up to twice the thickness of typical wood entries, Glenview Doors are in a class of their own. Our large inventory of in-stock mahogany wood doors ranges from traditional to transitional to modern designs. Pre-hung and pre-finished, these stunning entries fit most standard openings.

Euro Technology is the name we use for the advanced engineering and construction method we use in our wood exterior doors. Our unique construction technology allows us to provide our customers with a warranted wood door that doesn’t need an overhang or an expensive multi-point lock system, something our competitors still require. Also, our Euro Technology uses a unique sandwich design that combines engineered hardwood stiles and rails with top-of-the-line, mahogany veneer panels and insulating core, giving you a distinct, warranted product.

Why should I use Euro Technology Front Door?

Because we use Euro Technology, Glenview Doors offers the best wood entry door line on the market. Due to our innovative technology, the warranty for our doors does not require an overhang or an expensive multi-point lock system.

Also, due to our sandwich design, Glenview Doors delivers exceptional thermal performance and overall product durability. Unlike traditional doors, Glenview Doors made with Euro Technology resist the common door issues like warping, splitting, and cracking.

At 2 ¾”, our door slabs are roughly double the thickness of the typical solid wood options. This, combined with our Euro Technology, allows us to deliver our customers superior quality, the elegant wood product that arrives pre-hung, pre-finished, and with an excellent warranty. Whether you are looking for a modern door or a classic door, Glenview Doors and our large in-stock availability are sure to have you covered.

If you can get an energy-efficient, cost-saving, weather-resistant, superior quality door at a similar cost to that of our competitors, then the better question would be why wouldn’t you use Euro Technology?

Where can I buy a Glenview Doors with Euro Technology?

To locate your local dealer, please contact us via the Where To Buy section on our website. From there we will locate a Glenview Doors dealer near you. You can also contact Glenview Doors here.

Pivot Doors - Modern Front Doors FAQ

I live in a varying climate, is a pivot door good for insulation?

Our Pivot Front Doors are manufactured with double rabbeted jambs that create a tight seal when the door is closed. This double rabbeted system is new to the Pivot Door industry, so the worry about having a poorly insulated door is not a problem in varying Chicago temperatures. Another added benefit of a Pivot Door is that these doors are 3-1/2” thick. This Pivot Front Door is not only manufactured to be beautiful, but safety and insulation are also top priorities.

What are pivot doors?

Pivot Front doors are larger than typical Entry swing doors. Pivot Entry Doors revolve around a hinge that is offset from would be on a traditional Entry swing door. These Pivot Front Doors are visible from all sides and with all details on display. This Pivot Entry Door trend began in warmer climates where insulation is not a large factor in the design process. Typically, standard Pivot Front Doors are not well insulated, creating a draft in your home. Our custom Pivot Front Doors are built with the highest quality draft-resistant products to withstand extreme Chicago temperatures in the Summer and Winter months. With a double rabbeted jamb, these doors are not only well insulated, but they are incredibly secure and are high performing when it comes to protection.

What are multipoint locks used for Pivot Doors?

Multipoint locks serve the purpose of increasing security, increasing insulation, and reducing warping. As the name suggests, multipoint locks are attached at several points instead of just one. While this provides several benefits, what we are most interested in here is warping since Pivot doors are larger and therefore more susceptible. The multiple locking points allow the door to be more anchored and greatly lower warping compared to regular locks.

Why do we use double rabbeted jambs on our Pivot doors?

Double rabbeted jambs address the downside to Pivot doors: lack of insulation. Due to the design of Pivot doors that many companies use, they allow for more airflow even when closed compared to doors with normal hinges. Our double rabbeted jambs address this issue. They allow the gap between the slab and jamb to be much smaller on the side, restricting airflow and improving insulation

How are Pivot doors special?

Pivot doors are special because they can be larger than traditional doors. The hinge is offset from the frame by a couple of inches, allowing the door to handle more weight. Pivot hinges are placed on the top and the bottom of the frame and the door revolves around it. So not only can the door be bigger, but it doesn’t feel as heavy because part of the door is on the other side of the hinge. Pivot doors are great for those who would like a larger front door, and they fit perfectly for houses with a contemporary, modern, or transitional architectural style.

Aluminum Clad Wood Doors - Modern Front Doors FAQ

What is an Aluminum Shield in Front Door?

Aluminum Shields are metallic slabs that are layered on the outside of your front entry door. They are made of incredibly durable, aluminum that has the look, feel, and weight of a modern front door. Beyond just aesthetics, Aluminum Shields do exactly what the name implies: protect your door from the elements. Whether it is rain, wind, or sun, aluminum shields will make your door almost impervious to the weather.

Why Aluminum Clad or shouldn’t I just get a wood door?

Our front entry wood doors are weather-resistant while maintaining that classic wood aesthetic, so why opt for aluminum shield doors?

Due to our modern European technology, our standard wood entry doors are very weather resistant but wood will still have a small amount of deterioration because of its own nature. Aluminum shield doors are the perfect solution to those who would like a maintenance-free door with that final guarantee against deterioration.

But beyond the practical benefits, aluminum shield doors offer a high-end, metallic look that maintains that high quality feel. Opting for aluminum instead of wood will add a modern and sleek touch that complements several architectural styles.

How are the Aluminum Shield Doors Different from Aluminum Clad Doors?

Our aluminum shield doors are made using modern European technology that few American brands can match. The shield is placed on the front of the door to act as a shield against the elements (as the name implies). Our aluminum shield front entry doors differ from many basic aluminum clad doors because the shield never actually touches the wood veneer. This would interfere with vapor diffusion which could become a problem in less refined aluminum clad doors. Our aluminum shield doors are a simple concept with an intricate design.

Luxeline Modern Interior Doors FAQ

How thick are the Luxeline Modern Interior Doors?

The Luxeline Interior Door collection utilizes a door thickness of 1-3/4″ across all of our designs. While most other interior doors tend to be around 1-3/8″ thick, the slightly thicker construction allows for a more prominent look and feel on our doors. While most doors tend to feel rather thin and flimsy due to a smaller construction and typically a hollow core, the construction of our interior doors truly stands out.

How thick is the Luxline Interior Door veneer?

The real oak or mahogany veneer found on our Luxeline Modern Interior doors is 1/16″ thick. The benefit of utilizing such a thin veneer is an increase in flexibility of that wood. To prevent common issues or warping and cracking, having a veneer that is pliable is crucial. This thickness also acts as a protective layer on the door as well. Available in mahogany or oak in a large array of stains and paint finishes to fit your project.

How customizable are the Luxeline Modern Interior doors?

A fully customizable option, our Luxeline Modern Interior Doors can be constructed to your exact dimensions. Whether you are looking for a standard size, or something very unique, this line allows you to create the right door for you. Select from your choice of finish and material option as well as your choice of frame and casing options. Available with additional design elements such as metal inlay or glass to bring to life the door design of your dreams.

For Modern Luxeline Interior Doors, what glass options are available?

With many design options that utilize glass, we are happy to offer many different glass options. Always utilizing safety glass, we offer satin, smoke, black, and clear glass. With different levels of privacy based on what you desire, these glasses can also help bring a different design aesthetic to life in each door. For rooms where privacy is essential, our satin glass offers a privacy rating of 10 to offer you maximum comfort.

What configurations are available for Luxeline Interior Doors?

With the custom nature of our Luxeline Interior Doors, we can offer just about any configuration you are looking for. Our standard swing doors can come as single or double doors and can be installed for an in-swing or out-swing offering. We also offer sliding, pocket and barn door configurations for these as well. Whether you are looking to replace existing doors in your home or create beautiful doors for a new home, our Luxeline Modern Interior Doors are a great option for any of your project needs.

Are there other latching systems available for Luxeline Interior Doors?

While most people tend to love the look and feel of our magnetic latching system, we do offer an alternative latching system to this. With the offering of a standard, American latching system, you can utilize the same latching system you are probably used to. With a latch piece that sticks out on the edge of the door, this system comes offered with Emtek hardware options only. While this may be an option you wish to choose, it will not offer the same smooth, quiet, close as our magnetic latches.

Are there options on magnetic latch finish for the Luxeline Modern Interior Doors?

Just like our hinges, our magnetic latching systems are offered in multiple different finishes as well. Available in white, chrome, black or gold to be able to be match your hardware choice and your concealed hinge finish as well. By utilizing the same finish on your hinges and latching systems, you get a more uniform design of the door that keeps a sleek appearance.

What is magnetic latch hardware and how is this special to the Luxeline Interior Doors?

Our magnetic latching system utilizes European technology that creates a superior, smooth close on our interior doors. This latching system utilizes a flush latch on the door that is engaged when closed due to magnets on the receiving side. This offers a softer, quieter close on these doors and gives a very sleek, modern appearance. Offered in four different finishes to match your hinges and create a seamless design.

Are there options on hinge finish for Luxeline Interior Doors?

We offer multiple finishes for both our Tectus and Cemom concealed hinge options. The standard Cemom concealed hinges are offered in four different finishes: white, black, gold and chrome. For our Tectus concealed hinge option, we offer nickel, chrome, black, white and gold for the finishes. These hinges are fully hidden given a sleek, modern appearance.

What hinges are available for Luxeline Modern Interior Doors and what is special about them?

Our Luxeline interior doors are offered standard with our Cemom concealed hinges. Offering superior functionality with full adjustability, these hinges are offered in 4 different finishes. Available as an upgraded option are our Textus concealed hinges. These are the highest quality hinges that offer superior performance, control and precision. 3D adjustable with the highest level of technology to offer a truly superior concealed hinge option.

What frame types are available for Luxeline Interior Doors?

Available in four different frame types, our Luxeline Interior Door collection offers a lot of flexibility in design to meet your needs. For a slab only appearance, our aluminum frameless option is a great solution. For a thinner, framed appearance without the additional casing, our trimless option offers a minimalistic frame design. For a more traditional design, we also offer these doors with matching or white framing and casing.

Is casing included with the Luxeline Modern Interior Doors?

For a more traditional appearance, all of our Luxeline interior door models are offered with either matching or white frame and casing options. For homes utilizing white trim, our framing and casing option in white is a great choice to keep a consistent look all over the home. For a matching look around the door, our matching casing and framing provides a seamless appearance that looks beautiful.

What is special about the frame construction on the Luxeline Interior Doors?

With fully customizable offerings for our Luxeline interior doors, we are able to offer four different frame and casing options. For the most minimalistic appearance, our frameless aluminum option offers a slab only appearance achieved by a drywall return. For a slim, framed appearance, our trimless option is great. This option allows you to see a very minimal amount of framing around the door without having the addition of a large casing surrounding it. For the most traditional look for these doors, we offer both matching or white frame and casing options as well.

What is the difference between Luxeline Modern Interior Doors and other interior doors?

While other interior doors tend to be a hollow-core, MDF product, our doors utilize a solid-core construction making them look and feel more durable and high quality. For an MDF option, we utilize only the highest-quality MDF construction. However, most of our doors utilize a real wood veneer in oak or mahogany. This construction is then combined with superior technology in our magnetic latching system and adjustable concealed hinges. Our doors offer a higher quality that you can see and feel.

What are the benefits of purchasing Luxeline Modern Interior Doors?

Our Modern Luxeline Interior Doors are crafted with solid-core construction and paired with the highest quality oak or mahogany veneers. With options for full customizability on these products, we can construct our Luxeline doors to your exact dimensions. Choose from four different frame and casing options as well as your choice of hardware and hinge finish to create the perfect door. Select your finish from our offerings or choose a custom color or paint finish as well. Add metal inlay or glass for a more contemporary design.

How many wood and finish options are there for Luxeline Modern Interior Doors?

Luxeline Modern Interior Doors are offered in a solid-core construction with either mahogany or oak veneers. These doors can also be manufactured in our premium MDF offering as well. We are proud to offer a plethora of different finishes. With 15 standard finishes for oak and 8 standard finishes for mahogany, we are sure to offer a finish that fits your needs. We also offer custom colors, and a variety of paint finishes as well.

What are Luxeline Collection Modern Interior Doors?

Our Modern Luxeline Interior Doors are produced using the highest level of craftsmanship. With full customizability, this line of interior doors can be crafted to fit your exact dimensions and specifications. Always paired with our European latching systems and concealed hinges for a sleek and beautiful design. Choose between a frameless, trimless, matching or white casing option as well as your choice of hardware to create the design you are looking for.

How are Custom Luxeline Modern Interior Doors engineered?

Our Modern Luxeline Interior Door collection offers solid-core doors with beautiful oak or mahogany veneers. While most wood doors tend to have issues with warping and cracking due to changing temperatures throughout the year, the construction of these doors eliminates that issue. By using a solid core construction and a very thin veneer on the outside, that veneer is able to be pliable and move with the door as it is shifting. Our Luxeline Interior Doors offer beautiful designs with superior technology.

What if I don’t have a Contemporary or Modern home? Would the Luxeline Modern Interior Door line still look OK?

Whether your home is modern, transitional, contemporary or traditional, our Modern Luxeline Interior doors are a great option for your project. With a large selection of designs, this completely customizable option can create the perfect door for you. With options to add metal or glass as well as your selection of finish, hardware and more, our Luxeline collection is sure to be able to offer exactly what you are looking for.

Where can I view these Luxeline Modern Interior Doors prior to placing an order?

Our Luxeline interior doors can be found at multiple showrooms in both Illinois and Texas. Our Glenview Haus showroom is located in downtown Chicago at 303 W. Erie Street. If you are located in Illinois but outside of the city, our sister company, Doors for Builders, has our Luxeline doors on display as well at 850 Lunt Ave, Elk Grove Village, IL. To see everything we have to offer, our website is always the best place to find information.

Ecoline Modern Interior Doors FAQ

What sizes are available in the Ecoline Interior Door collection?

Due to the convenient solution that this collection is intended to offer, Ecoline interior doors are only available inset, standard sizes. Available in 8 different widths ranging from 18″ – 36″ wide and 3 heights. The jamb depth on these doors is flexible between two different standard jamb depths. While these are only offered in set sizing, they are offered in many different configurations as well as your choice of design aesthetics.

How thick is the eco veneer on the Ecoline Interior Doors?

The synthetic, man-made veneer on our Ecoline doors is 1/6″ thick. This thin veneer allows for maximum flexibility and movement as the door shifts throughout the changing climate in the year. The thickness of this veneer was chosen strategically though to ensure flexibility but also to allow for an additional layer of protection on the door as well. Offered with a large selection of different finish options, this veneer is eco-friendly and gorgeous.

What configurations are available in the Ecoline Interior Doors collection?

Modern Ecoline interior doors are offered in many different configurations. While these doors only come in standard sizing options, we can create these doors in many different arrangements. Offered in both out-swing and in-swing door options as well as pocket doors, barn doors and sliding doors. For standard swing doors, frame and casing comes standard. For those doors in sliding or barn door configurations, they will come as slabs only tracks.

On Ecoline Interior Doors, are there other latching systems available?

Our Ecoline interior door collection is an all-encompassing offering that does not offer interchangeable systems. These doors are only offered with our European magnetic latching systems. By keeping this line set and simple in terms of the offerings, it helps homeowners, builders, designers and more make easy decisions that they will love. Magnetic latching systems provide a smoother, quieter close on our doors that we are sure you will love.

Are there options on magnetic latch finish for the Ecoline Interior Doors?

If you are looking for a matching finish on all metals for your door, select from the same four finishes as the hinges for your magnetic latching system as well. This will create a cohesive metal finish on all elements of the door. Offered in gold, chrome, white or black, these can be used to either standout or blend in with your door. For something more muted and understated, select a metal finish that blends in with the door.

What is magnetic latch hardware and how is this special to the Ecoline Interior Doors?

This European style system uses a flush latch that is controlled by a magnet catch in the door. Besides a very unique, modern design, this form of latching system provides a quieter, softer close that you can see, but cannot hear. Also available in a variety of different finishes, for both privacy and passage doors. This system comes offered with beautiful Italian hardware selections that are sure to stand out in your home.

Are there options on hinge finish for Ecoline Modern Interior Doors?

Offered in black, chrome, white or gold finishes, our concealed hinges provide a softer open and close to our interior doors. For a cohesive design, select matching finishes for your hinges and hardware. For a more hidden appearance, select a finish that will blend in with your door finish. Adjustable, fully hidden hinges that offer a sleek, modern design.

What hinges are available for the Ecoline Interior Doors and what is special about them?

Always offered with our high-quality Cemom concealed hinges. Our Ecoline Interior Doors offer superior technology and craftsmanship in every area. With hinges built into the framing of the door, these hinges are not only stronger, but also adjustable. Due to the hidden nature of these hinges, you will only notice them when you open the door to admire this amazing technology. Available in black, gold, white or chrome.

What frame types are available for the Ecoline Modern Interior Doors?

As a standard, everything included offering, our Ecoline Modern Interior Doors are only offered with our standard jamb and casing option. With a frame consisting of a wood engineered core providing durability, strength and stability, these door frames are stronger than your standard MDF options by more than 50%. Beauty meats strength and technology in these doors that is unbeatable.

Is casing included for the Ecoline Interior Doors?

Our Ecoline Interior Doors always come with casing included. As a package with the benefit of it being and easy, one-stop solution, casing comes standard with all of our models. Offered in a flat profile that is 3.15″ thick, our casing can come in a matching finish to the door, black or white. Offering a complete package with everything included, our Ecoline collection makes it easy to select your interior doors.

What is special about the frame construction on the Ecoline Modern Interior Doors?

With the utilization of a solid, engineered wood frame construction, these doors are paired with extremely durable, strong frames that help reduce the likelihood of warping or cracking on those frames. Paired with a wood stile construction, these doors beautifully accept our concealed hinges with ease. With the increased strength and stability in our frame construction, you can be confident that you are getting an interior door that is reliable and beautiful.

How is eco veneer performance on the Ecoline Interior Doors compared to natural wood?

Natural wood doors tend to experience issues of splitting, cracking and warping during the changing seasons throughout the year. By utilizing a high-quality, synthetic veneer, you can achieve the same beautiful look and feel on our Ecoline doors but with a much less reactive material. By using our superior craftsmanship techniques combined with our gorgeous eco-friendly veneers, these doors are sure to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

What is the eco-veneer on the Ecoline Interior Doors?

The eco veneer on our Ecoline interior doors is a synthetic, man-made veneer. This veneer is ultra-thin to allow for it to move with the door as it is shifting throughout the seasons. It is adhered to the door using only the highest quality adhesive. This application process helps us to eliminate the common issue of peeling that most veneer doors tend to experience. It also provides a smooth, even surface to the door for a flawless finish.

Can I view these Ecoline Modern Interior Doors prior to placing an order?

Yes! We have some of our most popular door models in our showroom located in the heart of River North Design District featuring many different wood species, finishes and hardware options. We encourage all of our clients to stop by our showroom and meet with one of our educated and helpful Project Design Assistants in order to ensure that your project goes off without a hitch! Please contact us in order to set up an appointment to visit our showroom.

What if I don’t have a Contemporary or Modern home? Would the Ecoline Modern Interior Door line still look OK?

Designed to fit any style of architecture, our Luxeline Interior Doors are a fantastic option whether you have a traditional, modern or transitional style of home. With beautiful, simplistic designs offered in a large selection of colors, these doors can be made to fit whatever design you desire. With different finish options for many of the details in this door, these doors can be a great fit for any project.

How are Ecoline Modern Interior Doors engineered?

Constructed using a solid-core design, our Modern Ecoline Interior doors utilize man-made, eco-friendly veneers to deliver a beautiful door at a better cost. Applied with the finest adhesive products, our veneers are free from peeling and offer a uniform, smooth finish. Always offered on concealed hinges and our European magnetic latching system, our Ecoline doors offer high-end craftsmanship paired with superior technology that you can see and feel.

How many finish options are there for Ecoline Modern Interior Doors?

As a line that is not fully customizable, our finishes are meant to offer something for everyone. In our wood grain designs, you can select from our offering of 8 different finishes in a large array of color. Should you desire a smoother appearance to the door with no grain design, our 5 paint finishes are the perfect choice. Whether you are looking for something to mimic wood or something smoother, we have a large selection of finishes to select from.

What are the benefits of purchasing Ecoline Modern Interior Doors?

Our Ecoline Modern Interior Doors are a one-stop-shop for interior doors. The goal with this collection was to create an offering that helped reduce the stress and decision making that can come with interior doors. While you get the option of design, size, finishes and handle styles, these doors always come with the door, frame, casing and hardware included in the pricing for you.

What are Eco Veneer Modern Interior Doors?

Our newest interior door offerings, our Ecoline Interior Doors were produced to make interior door buying easy. Constructed using high-end craftsmanship with our man-made veneers, these doors are a full-package selection. Included with these doors are the slab, frame with casing and your hardware as well. Choose your design along with your selection of hardware design and hinge finish. Complete the order with matching, white or black casing to finalize the design.

How does the Eco Veneer Modern Interior Door line differ from other interior doors?

Ecoline Modern Interior Doors combine sleek, modern designs with superior European construction methods to curate beautiful interior doors. This interior door line is the perfect solution for an easy interior door selection. Included with the door, frame, casing, and hardware, all at your choice of finish and style.

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