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Wine Cooling Systems

Glenview Haus custom wine cellars are as smart as they are beautiful. Our wine cellars use the most advanced cooling and humidification systems to age your collection in ideal conditions – around 55 - 62 degrees F with about 50% to 60% humidity depending on your location and the type of wine.

Just as every portfolio is unique, so is every wine cellar. Every cellar has unique cooling and humidification needs, depending upon its location, its size, the size of your wine collection, and the space available within. Using only the best quality cooling units and humidifiers available, our experts asses the particular needs of your space and design the ideal system for your wine cellar. We select the perfect cooling system for your cellar and include a wine cellar humidifier if needed.

Optional remote sensors can be placed in the cellar and integrate with your home automation systems to provide remote temperature and humidity readings and automatically adjust as needed.

Types of Wine Cooling Systems

Depending on your cellar’s needs, we may recommend a ductless split wine cellar cooling unit, a ducted split cooling system, or a fully ducted wine cooling system. All of the units we recommend for homes, hotels, bars, and restaurants offer commercial-grade temperature control. In addition, professional humidifiers can be integrated with any of our systems to maintain the ideal humidity for wine storage.

Refrigerated Wine Cabinets

For the space-conscious or modern-minded wine collector, our refrigerated wine cabinets utilize these same advanced cooling and humidity control systems as our wine cellars. Depending on your space, we will recommend what is possible to achieve.

There's been a surge in popularity and a growing number of wine enthusiasts. It's a luxury statement that many clients are seeking. They are the height of luxury for a collector. Aging wine and cellaring is gratifying and worth showcasing in the highest end hand crafted hardwoods.

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