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Custom Wine Racks


Short on space, but big on Wine and custom design? Our Vintage View wine racks would be a perfect feature to add into to your home! Space is typically limited in the big City, which can be hard to display all of your top-of-the-line bottles! These custom racks are able to fit in virtually any space. Our inventory features both ends of the spectrum when it comes to displaying wine collections. We have a custom temperature controlled wine cellar, as well as a myriad of different Vintage View racking styles that showcase a few of our positioning capabilities. No matter which custom wine rack design you choose, your wine will be held at the correct angle, preserving and upholding the integrity and quality of each bottle.

At our showroom, we provide looks at several different styles of vintage view wine racks. We have wine cupboards, floating wine racks, as well as floating floor to ceiling wine shelves. The materials are all customizable in order to fit in with the existing decor in your home. Whether your decor detailing is steel, gold or acrylic, we can accommodate and dominate the space! Don’t see any style that truly fits your vision? Our Vintage View custom wine racks come in dozens of styles, designs and varying rack quantities. We are also able to customize racking systems that fit in any space.

A popular trend that we have seen within our customers, is using their hobbies as art. Our customers want to show off their collections, and present them proudly to everyone who enters their residence. Our modern Vintage View wine racks will be able to provide your space with décor, accessibility and convenience no matter where they are located. Our modern wine racking design allows you to show off your collection, instead of hiding it under lock and key.

As designers, we are presented every single day with a unique opportunity to showcase our flexibility and design techniques. We continuously aim to help any project, in any magnitude that we can! From measuring, to designing, and installing, we can guide your project from your first initial vision, to the installed end product. One of our specialties at Glenview Haus, is working with our client and implementing our designs at virtually any and every price point. Instead of viewing space and budget as an obstacle, we are able to view these as opportunities to match you with your perfect display piece. Contact a Glenview Haus representative today to set up an appointment to view our most popular design options!

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There's been a surge in popularity and a growing number of wine enthusiasts. It's a luxury statement that many clients are seeking. They are the height of luxury for a collector. Aging wine and cellaring is gratifying and worth showcasing in the highest end hand crafted hardwoods.

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