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Transitional Mahogany Wood Front Door with Espresso Finish – 1702 N Burling St., Chicago

Barrett Homes has recently constructed a luxurious home on Lincoln Park’s N. Burling Street, a well known street featuring an expansive array of exquisite residences. As one of the most famous Chicagoan streets, Burling Street boasts some of the most prime real estate in the nation. Each and every magnificent home on Burling Street is given extraordinary care and attention to detail. The street’s newest residence uses a Glenview Haus custom, transitional, wood front door to embody the spirit of luxury and beauty that is the essence of Burling Street.

The Euro Construction Solution: Engineering Perfection

In an effort to maximize the residence’s curb appeal, Barrett considered purchasing a solid wood front door. A timeless symbol of luxury, a solid wood front door seemed to be the obvious choice. The problem was that the entry way lacked a large overhang, meaning that the door wouldn’t be sheltered from the elements. As a result, a solid wood front door would have required a lot of maintenance. And even with the additional maintenance, a solid wood door would still show signs of wear.

So, in this time of need, Barrett Homes commissioned Glenview Haus to construct the ideal custom wood front door. Barrett Homes challenged Glenview Haus to create a beautiful, transitional wood door that resists the wear and tear that so many solid wood doors suffer from.

This was not a challenge for Glenview Haus. In fact, they had already been selling the solution: Euro Construction Doors. Using advanced engineering and construction methods, solid wood stiles and rails surround a polycarbonate core, encased by a real wood veneer. The outcome was a door that looked just like solid wood but resisted the symptoms — such as warping, splitting, and cracking — of exposure to moisture and fluctuating temperatures. The Euro Construction door also had far better insulation, keeping the home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

And How Did They Like Their New, Custom, Wood Front Door?

Barrett Homes was ecstatic when they received a wood front door that lasts longer in extreme weather, insulates better, and looks just as good a solid wood door. Glenview Haus created a tasteful custom transitional wood front door that perfectly complemented the extraordinary exterior. This custom mahogany door was culminated with raised, carved wood moldings that sat atop the wood veneer to add a touch of depth and character to the entryway.


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