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Modern Oak Wine Cellar in West Loop, Chicago

Underutilized space? A keen eye for design and a healthy passion (or obsession) for wine? It’s not every day that you see a luxury wine cellar in a luxe high-rise apartment building. Space is typically limited, and there is not room for expansion. Our client decided to transform space under his sweeping staircase to a clean and modern wine cellar. The Glenview Haus team devised a plan to provide our client with the full package! A temperature-controlled, modern wine cellar, complete with an insulated modern oak door.

Flexibility is one of our many strong suits as designers. We can adapt to any space and/or limitation. When our customer approached us with the idea of creating a modern wine cellar in this space, we jumped on the opportunity to measure and confirm this area could withhold his extensive wine collection. Once we determined our state-of-the-art cooling system would be compatible with this amount of square footage, we happily moved forward and provided all design details and guided this project from start to finish. From the inside out, we were able to provide our expertise on how to accomplish a timeless entity, with a modern twist.

This custom oak wine cellar was built to achieve a luxe design element in a chic downtown loft-style apartment. Adorned with a modern clear insulated glass door, guests are prompted to view the immaculate collection that our customer has to offer. Our goal in this project was to bring a sense cohesiveness to this new design element in our client’s home. We wanted to make sure that this space looked as though it has always been there! The first glimpse at the wine cellar is complemented with a custom oak wood modern door. This is the first impression that you are greeted by, and it does not disappoint. As you walk through the modern door, you enter a matching oak wood masterpiece that boasts several different design elements. Our custom wine racks display bottles in different directions, showing off each element of a wine bottle. Top-down, tilted back, or layered on top of each other in a diagonal cut out, regardless of how your wine is displayed, it is guaranteed to ‘wow’ in our custom oak cellar!





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