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Modern Interior Doors in Wilmette, IL

Trends come and go in the design world. Each year, we see new styles and concepts introduced onto the market, and consumers are quick to jump on board. As a society, we all want to be considered ‘on-trend’ and progressive with our homes and businesses. Re-branding your home or office space and be incredibly expensive and time consuming. A lot of our customers are Professional individuals within the design field. They want to provide their customers with timeless pieces and components that will transcend through each trend. One way that Glenview Haus and can help, is by supplying our custom Modern Interior Doors. Each door model is hand crafted with the finest European technology, with a highly talented design team. From V-grooves, to stainless steel inlays, to varying grain patterns, our Modern interior door line is on the cutting edge of performance and appearance. Our range of door designs are crafted with longevity and satisfaction in mind. Not only do these doors perform beautifully and have a luxurious feel, they also have a unique and modern appearance that will complement all home styles.

Versatility of our Modern Stain Grade Interior Doors

This project in Wilmette was a wonderful chance to showcase our products. Our customer was renovating her mid-century modern home and wanted to bring the interior up to date. With a clean and sleek interior, we collectively decided on our custom Herringbone door model. This door model is completely flush, with two diagonal grain directions. The rich Walnut finish pops against the clean white walls and existing décor. This door line can be modified and customized to any dimension and configuration necessary. Traditional swing doors are the main style seen throughout the home, with the exception of a couple pocket doors, double doors and even a bifold door unit.

Glenview Haus Offers a Large Variety of Interior Doors

From Modern stain grade, to paint grade MDF, we can guarantee that we can find the exact door style, finish and price that will fit your plans. Contact one of our representatives today to get started on your home or office transformation!


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