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Modern Aluminum Clad Entry Door in Wilmette, IL

Durability and design are the most important components of every entry door. It is our goal to ensure that our clients do not have to compromise on either of these elements. Our Aluminum clad entry door line offers top of the line safety features that will not only perform beautifully but will have a visually pleasing appearance. This project is located along the lake on the North Shore of Chicago. It was important to provide a door that was aesthetically pleasing and complementary to this modern style home, but to also craft a product that can withstand below zero temperatures and direct sunlight. The duality of this product results in a perfectly secure and insulated entrance.

Durability of Aluminum Clad Entry Doors

Besides the sleek design, our aluminum clad entry door’s have a larger purpose. The durability of our aluminum shield product is unmatched. This shield is attached to our Euro-Tech door slab to ensure for sound insulation, and complete safety. With a thickness of 3-1/2”, our Aluminum Clad entry doors will protect your entryway from harsh elements, as well defend against damage from exposure to direct sunlight. These factors can create wear and tear on solid wood materials and causes aging to the surface. The aluminum shield is a barrier between the exterior elements, and the interior climate. Each aluminum shield has a powder coat finish and is available in any custom color. One feature that is important to note, is that this combination of our Euro-Technology door, paired with the Aluron Shield, creates a very secure and safe entrance.

The Beauty of Glenview Haus’ Aluminum Clad Entry Door

Ideal for residences in Chicago and the North Shore; this door line is built to last and to create a fully
insulated entrance. Our aluminum clad entry doors are incredibly sleek and will appeal to all modern
design enthusiasts. Fully customizable, these doors are guaranteed to stand out. The simple and elegant designs are complementary to Modern and Transitional home architecture

Closeup of Aluminum Clad Entry Door and Hardware 4

Closeup of Aluminum Clad Entry Door and Hardware

Front View of Aluminum Clad Entry Door 5

Front View of Aluminum Clad Entry Door



Models from ALU-G5 Door Collection



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