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Pivot Doors Custom Collection by Glenview Doors

Pivot Door, Custom Front Doors From Glenview Haus

Pivot Doors Now Available in Cold Climates

Typical Pivot Entry Doors cannot withstand the challenging Chicago weather. Between hot, humid summers and cold, windy winters, solid wood entry doors are constantly pushed to the limit in Chicago. These severe temperatures are accompanied with wavering humidity levels, causing the wood to expand in high humidity levels and to contract in low humidity levels. Beyond temperature and humidity fluctuations, extreme storms and blizzards relentlessly attack Pivot Entry Doors, leading to warped, split, and cracked doors. This is especially true if a door has little to no overhang. Not only do these damages look bad aesthetically, but they invite hot and cold winds to enter the home.

The Glenview Doors Pivot Collection is designed to resist the common side effects that most Pivot Entry Doors suffer from in the extreme Chicago weather conditions. Offered in both modern and traditional styles, these high tech doors are made with a special construction technique that utilizes an advanced composite technology to create better insulation, durability, and stability than other Pivot Entry Doors. Glenview Doors uses an innovative sandwich design that pairs European wood stiles and rails with an insulating core that prevents expansion and contraction. This is topped with real wood veneers as well as various high-quality finishes. These modern and traditional doors are engineered to maintain the elegant look and feel of solid wood doors without the downsides of owning a solid wood entry door.

Custom Frames Eliminate Safety and Insulation Concerns

This Euro-Technology Pivot door slab is then paired with a double rabbeted frame, ensuring your entry is equipped with the upmost protection and security. Traditionally, Pivot Doors are made for warm and temperate climates. Typically, standard Pivot Front Doors are not well insulated, creating a draft in your home. Our custom Pivot Front Doors are built with the highest quality draft-resistant products to withstand extreme Chicago temperatures in the Summer and Winter months. Our European construction allows for Pivot Entry Doors to perform beautifully in the harsh Chicago winters and the hot summers by eliminating airflow when the door is closed, due to our custom double-rabbeted construction.

Both practical and beautiful, the Glenview Doors Pivot Door Collection is highly spoken of. Glenview Doors Founder and CEO Greg Wozniak says, “Euro-Technology Pivot Door construction technology is the best solution to the wear and tear of solid wood front doors in Chicago and North Shore suburbs. Euro doors look just like solid wood doors, but they hold up much better over time. Plus, they have better insulation, which makes homes more energy-efficient. Once we educate a builder or architect about the advantages of Euro construction for Pivot Entry Doors, they tend to use them every time.” More and more savvy homeowners in Chicago and the North Shore are switching to Glenview’s Euro Pivot Door Collection. Wozniak says, “Euro-Tech Pivot Door construction doors last longer and have great insulation. We know our clients will be happy with them for years to come.


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