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Glenview Haus Offers Euro Entry Doors as Perfect Solution to Extreme Chicago Weather Conditions

The Chicago area has especially challenging weather for solid wood entry doors. It’s not just the extremes of hot, sticky summers and cold, windy winters that test front doors to the limit. Chicago also sees a lot of fluctuations in temperature and humidity from day to day. Anyone who lives in Chicago knows that it can be 80 degrees and humid on one day and then 40 degrees and windy won the next.

Those fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels are hard on solid wood front doors because wood expands in humidity and contracts as the air dries out. On top of that, we see so much rain and snow hammering front doors because the area is very windy. Particularly in the city, a typical Chicago residence has little to no overhang protecting entryways from these elements. This exposure often leads to doors warping, splitting, and cracking. Damaged doors are not only a bad look for entryways, but also an open invitation for hold or cold air to get into the house.

Euro Construction Entry Doors

Enter European Construction Entry Doors, designed to resist the common issues that solid wood front doors typically experience in Chicago. As the name implies, this advanced engineering method originates from Europe. In addition to increased weather resistance, these high-tech doors are incredibly energy efficient because of their insulation properties.

The Euro construction technique uses an advanced composite technology that creates durability, stability, and incredible insulation. The door sandwich design includes stiles and rails made from solid European woods, an insulating core that guards against expansion and contraction, and real wood veneers in Mahogany, American Walnut, and other fine woods. The result is a perfectly engineered traditional or modern euro front door that maintains the elegant look and feel of solid wood. Meanwhile, its advanced insulation properties and longevity make it as practical as it is beautiful.

Euro construction entry doors are a favorite of Chicago’s local custom door experts at Glenview Haus. Glenview Haus owner Greg Wozniak speaks very highly of the technology, “Euro construction technology is the best solution to the wear and tear of wood front doors in cities like Chicago. Euro doors look just like solid wood doors, but they hold up much better over time. Plus, they have better insulation, which makes homes more energy efficient. Once we educate a builder or architect about the advantages of Euro doors, they tend to use them every time.”

According to Wozniak, savvy homeowners in Chicago are opting for the Euro construction entry doors, too. “Our woodworkers are experts at making solid wood doors that will last for years,” says Wozniak. “But we try to steer customers toward the Euro doors first. They last longer and have such great insulation; we know our clients will be happy with them for years to come.”

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