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ErnestRust USA: The Newest Addition to Glenview Haus Offerings

Glenview Haus Showroom Picture with Two Kitchen Displays from ErnestRust USA

Glenview Haus is elated to announce a new addition to our company! Along with our stunning custom entry and interior doors, we are now offering custom European kitchen cabinetry. Glenview Haus has combined forces with a well-established European powerhouse called ErnestRust USA. For the past 50 years, ErnestRust USA has dominated the European market in custom kitchen cabinetry. Offering a wide range of ultra-modern storage solutions, ErnestRust USA has been a front-runner in the design field. With original solutions, high-quality products, and dependable customer service, our product is among the most sought-after products in Europe. Our goal is to be able to provide our customers with a luxury product, at affordable prices.

Custom European Cabinetry by ErnestRust USA

Kitchens are the central point in every home. They are also the place were friends and family gather to connect and spend time together. With our newest addition to Glenview Haus, our vision is to help you provide a stunning and highly functional backdrop to your special gatherings, as well as your day-to-day life. The kitchens are designed with cutting-edge technology, and our team is well-versed in understanding and educating our customers on every single detail of their kitchen and letting them take charge of their dream space.

European Designs for all Kitchens

Whether your home is ultra-modern or ultra-classic, our kitchen lines can be customized to fit any aesthetic. ErnestRust USA strives to provide organizational solutions that simplify your everyday life and help provide a safe and welcoming space to become the focal point of your home. From smooth and efficient shelves and drawers to customizable countertops, we can ensure that your needs and dreams will be met with ease when you work with us. Contact Glenview Haus today to check out our (4) new kitchen models in our Chicago showroom today!


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