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Classic Cabinets

Ernest Rust offers an incredible selection of custom classic cabinets for high-end homes and condos. Our Chicago-based design team works closely with our customers to accomplish their vision for their project. We then take that vision and bring it to life in our high-tech European manufacturing center. We will do the same with you: we will seamlessly guide you through the entire process, from ideation and design to delivery and installation.

We have many years of experience in crafting classic custom cabinets for all sorts of living spaces. We have built custom cabinets for kitchens, bathrooms, offices, closets, and many other living spaces. We particularly pride ourselves on our custom kitchen offerings, some of which you can see on display in our downtown Chicago showroom. We offer many high-end materials for your cabinets and countertops, including natural veneers, lacquer paint finishes, and numerous acrylic and melamine surfaces as well as many desirable custom options such as book matching, which most companies cannot do.

Once the classic custom cabinets are produced, we deliver them to your project and offer three installation options. The first option is self-installation, where we simply deliver the classic custom cabinets, and your own development team installs them. The second option is installation under the guidance of an Ernest Rust installation specialist, where one of our skilled installation experts guides your team through the installation process. The third option, the most comprehensive option, is a complete installation by us, where we would send an experienced Ernest Rust installation team to take the entire installation process off your hands.

When you work with Ernest Rust, the visions you have of your dream kitchen, your dream walk-in closet, your dream master bathroom, your dream home, will come to fruition. With our remarkable custom production abilities and our wide selection of materials and design options, our team will, with out a doubt, bring your vision to life. 

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