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Modern Custom Cabinets

Modern Cabinets

Here at Ernest Rust, we fulfill your needs for the perfect modern cabinets for any development. We work closely with our Chicago based design team and a European high tech manufacturing center to create the perfect cabinets that fit your taste and vision.  Rest assured that we seamlessly guide you through every step of the process, including the intricate design, timely delivery, and efficient installment of your cabinets.

We have many years of experience in producing high-end custom cabinetry for high-end homes and condos. Our custom modern cabinets in any kind of living space, including kitchens, bathrooms, offices, closets, and other living spaces. We are particularly proud of our stunning line of modern kitchen cabinets, for which we offer many luxurious options. No matter what style you are looking for in your kitchen, the heart of your home, rest assured that we can accomplish your vision.

We offer a vast variety of diverse materials for your new cabinets and countertops, including natural veneers, lacquer paint finishes, and numerous acrylic and melamine surfaces. Our Chicago based design team will guide you through the process of material selection and design, and then we will custom craft your modern cabinets in our high-tech European manufacturing center.

Once the cabinets are produced, we offer three installation options. The first option we offer is self-installation, where we simply deliver the custom cabinets, and your development team takes over the installment process. The second option is an installation under the guidance of one of our Ernest Rust installation specialists, where your development team can install the cabinets with the help of our Ernest Rust specialist. Lastly, the third option consists of a complete installation of the modern custom cabinets by a skilled Ernest Rust installation team.

Partner with us at Ernest Rust to get market quality modern cabinets with unique styles with the finest quality. We will make the entire process seamless, from design and production to delivery and installation. The perfect interior awaits you. Visit our downtown Chicago showroom to see our gorgeous cabinets on display and to speak with one of our custom cabinet experts.

Custom Modern Cabinet Door Options


Akryluks Kitchen Fronts

We offer cabinet doors made from acrylic materials in a wide variety of colors and in both high-gloss and matte finishes. Our experienced team has the capability to produce acrylic cabinets with either laser edgebanding or unique seamless edging technology. Since we offer these cabinets at a great value, and our acrylic cabinet doors are remarkably durable and scratch resistant, acrylic cabinets are perfect for large scale projects..


Varnish Kitchen Fronts

We offer a wide variety of lacquer cabinets. We can offer any custom color on the RAL/NCS color spectrum in matte, satin, or high-gloss finishes. Furthermore, we use the finest high density MDF core materials to ensure superior stability and durability. What’s more, unlike most companies, we offer lacquered cabinet doors in both a standard ¾” and a custom 1” thickness.

Wood Veneer

Veneer Kitchen Fronts

We offer a large selection of natural wood veneers with solid cores. These wood veneers are very resistant to the natural wear and tear typical kitchen cabinetry faces. We manufacture our cabinets ¾” thick and specialize in book matching, a technique that keeps the flow of the wood grain consistent throughout the cabinetry which many other companies do not offer.

Eco Veneer

Multilayer board Kitchen Fronts

Eco veneer cabinets combine the beauty of natural wood with eco-friendly, man made materials to create gorgeous cabinets for a great value. These cabinet doors are produced with a solid core and are offered in many different varieties, all of which are available with matching laser edgebanding.

Modern Cabinets Countertop Materials

Wooden Countertops

Wooden Countertops

Because of their extremely hard surface, oak, walnut, maple and bamboo are the ideal materials for counter- or bartops. High quality hand treatment gives them a sophisticated look that fits every type of kitchen.

Veneered Countertops

Veneered Countertops

They are produced on a board covered with natural veneer. The surface top is finished with a water-resistant varnish. Veneered countertops are an alternative to solid wood. With a silky and transparent polyurethane coating, they are easy to keep clean. They are resistant to warping. They stand out with rich and varied colors.

Laminated Countertops

Laminated Countertops

They are characterized by their high performance in terms of durability and maintenance. They come in a very wide range of colors and meet the aesthetic and functional requirements in the average kitchen. They are produced on a board covered with high pressured laminate.

Steel Countertops

Steel Countertops

This is a timeless, classic material with excellent antibacterial properties. Resistant to acids and bases used in households. It can be integrated with a steel sink, creating an elegant interior. Shiny surface of the steel countertop works as a mirror, and thanks to that it optically enlarges the interior.

Glass Countertops

Glass Countertops

An ideal material, which allows for the creation of incredible configurations in any kitchen design. These countertops are made of clear float glass, which is characterized by its perfectly smooth and non-porous surface. It perfectly reflects light. Glass countertops are the epitome of crystal clarity.

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