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Wine Cellars

There's been a surge in popularity and a growing number of wine enthusiasts.
It's a luxury statement that many clients' are seeking.

Full Custom Wine Cellars

They are the height of luxury for a collector. Aging wine and cellaring is gratifying and worth showcasing in the highest end hand crafted hardwoods.

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Wine Storage

Furniture quality storage systems built to perfectly fit your space add endless value.
Organization and function are always top of the list.

Storage Systems

Glenview Haus artisans build individualized storage systems to suit your space and accommodate the size of your wine collection – now and for the future.

Wine Cellar Cabinets

Hand crafted by a true artisan to perfectly fit your space and style.
This is quality you have to feel to believe.

Wine Cellar Cabinets - Craftsmanship

Artisans consider your client's individual space and style to design the ideal solution. The quality of their craftsmanship enhances the presentation of their collection.


An impressive wine cellar sets the tone for your client's distinctive style and wine collection.

Wine Cellar Doors

These doors have style and function to complement any design. It's the initial impression of the collector's pursuit and in charge of preserving the wine.

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Tasting Areas

Tasting areas give your client's wine cellars an added dimension
and central focus for the overall design.

Wine Cellar Tasting Areas

Having a tasting table in your cellar to decant, serve and host tastings is a luxurious option if you have the space. It also allows the collector the option to design a custom focal point.




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