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Steel and Glass Interior Doors - Modern Interior Glass Doors - French Interior Custom Doors, Chicago

Steel & Glass Interior Doors, Steel Dividing Glass Walls - Modern Style - Model: STL-W1-In-Stock

Our steel interior doors from Glenview Haus are practical, light, and modern due to slim stiles and rails complemented by large window panes. They are ideal for residential spaces like apartments, homes, or condominiums, and they are also perfect for commercial spaces like restaurants, offices, and stores. Steel interior doors complement industrial, modern, traditional, and transitional architectural styles.


Steel & Glass Interior Door STL-W1-DD in-Stock 0
STL-W1-29x94-DD-STOCK Steel Interior Door
Unit: 60 x 96-3/8"
Modern Steel Interior Door In-Stock
Modern Steel Interior Door In-Stock
Door Corner Sample


The specially designed shape of the profiles, the highest quality galvanised steel, and the 2mm wall of the steel profiles make it possible to produce exceptionally thin door frames without compromising durability, and lasting for decades


Types of Fittings Available

Steel handle (1-point lock, opened only with a handle)

Steel Door Handle - Modern handle
Steel Door Handle - Square handle

Glass Available

Clear glass

Whether it is a condo, single family home, home office, commercial office or commercial project these interior steel doors convey finest European weld work and craftmanship because our interior steel doors are made of high-quality steel materials and powder coated finish. These interior steel glass doors and steel diving glass walls have a sturdy, high end look and feel of welded steel door that cannot be replaced by other interior doors.

Interior steel glass doors and steel diving glass walls by Glenview Doors offer timeless design, finest quality of weld work, and durability for residential condos, single family homes, home offices and for restaurants and commercial offices. In addition, insulated glass option is available for interior steel doors and dividing steel walls which are great options for a wine cellar and a wine tasting room.

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