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Glenview Haus Featured Project in Winnetka


Steel Wine Cellar Unit in Winnetka, Illinois – STL-W4 Model

Form and function became one when this custom steel wine cellar room was completed. This temperature-controlled wine cellar room, made by artisan welders, includes a custom steel interior door with insulated glass, and adjacent custom steel wall panels with insulated glass. Our customer’s wine cellar room crafted from steel and insulated glass is sealed at all edges and kept at the recommended temperature of 55 degrees. In order to efficiently store collectible wine pieces and your daily go-to selections, we encourage a temperature-controlled environment.

Our goal was to provide a modern twist to an otherwise classic feature in a high-end home. This stand-alone wine cellar room crafted from steel was designed to be a focal point in our customer’s basement living area. The progression of wine cellar designs are showing that detached wine racking techniques are the new wave of innovation and style. The idea of creating a bold display for our customer’s wine collection was intriguing to us as designers, because we strive to be on the cutting edge of all things design and beauty.

Steel Interior Door Unit Left ViewTo accentuate the modern twist of the independent wine cabinet, we suggested a sleek and modern steel interior door and steel wall units. Our ultra-thin steel stiles and rails are the perfect fit to allow optimal viewing into our customer’s collection. With insulated glass and fully sealed edges, no heat can enter and no cool air can escape. The custom interior steel door unit blends seamlessly with the accompanying steel wall structures. This seamless design creates a beautifully controlled environment for wine with a sleek steel appearance. Using steel doors and steel walls was a mindful approach because the star of the show is the carefully selected bottles of wine. The idea was to juxtapose the wood shelves inside of the cabinet and create another element that stands out, while still allowing for optimal viewing…and obsessing.


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