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Modern Pivot Door Model PVT-715 Featured Project in Mount Prospect

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Introducing the Glenview Doors Pivot Model 715: A Perfect Blend of Modern Elegance and Uniqueness

The Pivot Door Model 715 is a remarkable embodiment of a minimalist, modern aesthetic with a touch of uniqueness. Its grooved chevron pattern adds a visually-appealing element that sets it apart from the rest. This door effortlessly combines a subdued look with impressive detailing, upon closer inspection. To ensure our promised, luxurious quality, Glenview Haus exclusively employs the finest pivot hinges from Fritsjurgen in the production of all their pivot doors. These premium hinges guarantee a smooth and seamless operation, enhancing the overall functionality of the door. A sleek flat black pull bar is the perfect finishing touch, contributing to its seamless, modern appearance.

Pivot Doors, A Closer Look At Cutting-Edge Design

What sets pivot doors apart is the incorporation of a special pivot hinge, situated at both the top and bottom of the door, instead of the conventional side hinges. This innovative hinge design enables Glenview Haus to create larger units compared to traditional doors. Moreover, our pivot doors feature double rabbeted jambs, unlike most others in the market. These jambs offer increased insulation and security, making our doors truly exceptional. Combining these superior jambs with our high-quality pivot hinges results in an unparalleled door system. Additionally, our pivot doors are equipped with a state-of-the-art multipoint locking system. This advanced mechanism secures the door at three different points, ensuring an even tighter lock and enhanced security.

Modern Pivot Doors, Excellent Craftsmanship

At Glenview Haus, we understand the importance of crafting doors that not only exude modern elegance but also meet the highest standards of functionality and security. Our pivot doors not only serve as stunning architectural features but also provide excellent insulation and safeguarding. With the Pivot Model 715, you can truly experience the epitome of contemporary design and peace of mind.

Experience the future of door design with our unique Modern Pivot Door collection. Browse our range today and discover the perfect pivot door for your modern space.

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PVT 715

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PVT 715

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PVT 715

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PVT 715

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PVT 715

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PVT 715

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