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Custom Wine Cellar Project – Experience Tuscany at Your Home!

Building a Dream: the Creation of a Wine Cellar

A dream house is more than walls and a roof, it is a place full of things that you love. When David Rabin got the chance to build the house of his dreams, it wasn’t enough to simply use stone instead of brick or wood instead of tile. He had to fill it with people and things he loved. So, as a passionate collector of wine, he set out to build a custom wine cellar.

He had never built a wine cellar before and had his reservations. He wondered what it would take to make it beautiful, a place where he could store cases of wine as well as  proudly show off special, trophy bottles.

“One of my biggest worries, though, was space,” said David. “We knew we wanted a wine cellar, and that we wanted it to be gorgeous, but we had no idea where it would be or if we even had the space for one.”

Glenview Haus had already given David his custom, wooden entry door and was ready to create a high-quality wine cellar that was customized to fit his vision.  David recalls with awe how helpful the team at Glenview Haus was when approaching the project he assigned them.

“What the team at Glenview Haus did was designate space, and then worked to maximize the space for ultimate storage and efficiency,” said David. “We were nervous that the smaller space would eliminate our ability to make it beautiful. But the team at Glenview Haus was able to work with our interior designer to make it absolutely stunning.”

Wine Cellar Cooling System

By installing a state-of-the-art cooling system that automatically keeps the cellar at the ideal temperature and humidity level, Glenview Haus was able to create the ideal wine cellar environment. The team helped David choose from a variety of furniture-grade wood species, that they could handcraft so as to add all the detail that would help make David’s wine cellar uniquely designed. Glenview Haus’ team also collaborated with the interior designer to create the perfect atmosphere for David’s custom wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Craftsmanship

Glenview Haus designed a see-through glass entry system, to protect and show off the extensive collection of wine. Inside they helped create a masterpiece, from floor to ceiling. The team brought in brick veneers for the walls to complement the stained Mahogany horizontal display, and that gave the entire cellar a rustic feel. A textured, painted ceiling completed the look, contributing to the incredible, other-worldly feel. David’s artisan, custom wine cellar did exactly what he dreamed it would do and transported all visitors to a vineyard on the Italian countryside.

“The team constructed us a space to hang a landscape painting of a vineyard,” said David. “This painting, along with all of the other amazing design elements give viewers looking into the cellar the feeling that they are outside looking into something that you’d imagine would only exist in Italy.”

Glenview Haus helped David create a wine cellar that not only had ample storage but that was customized and designed to meet his ultimate vision. 

Custom Wine Cellar Meadow Ln. Glenview, IL 4

Custom, wood bar area with wine cellar in the background.

Custom Wine Cellar Meadow Ln. Glenview, IL 5

Ample counter top space in beautiful Mahogany Wood outside wine cellar.





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