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Classic Wine Cellar in Edgewater, Chicago  - Featured Project by Glenview Haus 1
Classic Wine Cellar in Edgewater, Chicago - Featured Project by Glenview Haus 2
Classic Wine Cellar in Edgewater, Chicago  - Featured Project by Glenview Haus 3

Glenview Haus Featured Project in Chicago


Classic Wine Cellar in Edgewater, Chicago

Wine Cellars   Project

This basement in a suburb of Chicago was beautifully finished by the homeowner. After much thought, our customer decided that they needed a special addition to house their extensive wine collection. In collaboration with Lonnie Unger from Stones Throw Interiors, we helped to create this classic Wine Cellar. With custom American Cherry wood, we built one-of-a-kind racks, presentation shelves and storage closets. This wine cellar is perfectly equipped to hold top of the line wine bottles, with additional spirits. 

Wine Cellar Location

When planning for a wine cellar build out, we always recommend choosing a spot in your home that will not be exposed to copious amounts of sunlight. Basements are usually great locations for wine cellars—they are naturally a bit cooler in temperature and have minimal to no sunlight. Located underneath ground level, basements are always an ideal location for wine cellars because the temperature remains quite temperate with little to no fluctuation. Consistent temperatures in a wine cellar is crucial to preserve wine. The insulated walls also create a snug encasement that is idyllic for an added cooling system. 

Preserve the Wine Cellar Environment

A wine bottle cork is incredibly vulnerable to the surrounding temperature and air particles that float around. Exposure to sunlight can speed up the process of aging and can make your collection spoil over time. Not only does sunlight cause wine to eventually turn, but it can also have negative effects on wood products. This wine cellar was built out of American Cherry wood and stained with a custom finish. This material is incredibly durable but would naturally fade if exposed to direct sunlight for an extensive period. The customers had a small window that provided minimal sunlight into the basement and they decided to order custom black-out blinds that would limit sunlight and exposure to added warmth. 

Wine Cellar Design Collaboration with Customers

Our team greatly enjoys working on wine cellar projects. It is always a great way to get to know our clients and bond with them over our shared loved for design and wine. Each wine cellar that we build is completely custom and specific to our customers. It is important for us to try and convey our customer’s personality into each aspect. Our team is always aiming to exceed expectations in design and customer service. 

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