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Pivot Custom Front Wood Door Modern EuroTechTM (Euro Technology) Modern Collection Single with Solid Sidelite GD-PVT-A4W SLS36 60x108 CST

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This door is perfect for those who desire a grand and contemporary entrance for their spacious entryway. Seamless sidelights create a unified design, giving the impression of an even larger door. High-quality materials such as Mahogany are used to create a sleek design that can elevate any entryway. Customization options allow for unique looks with materials, glass, and design choices. Units can be fully customized, making them truly unmatched. Configurations with solid or glass sidelights are sure to make an unforgettable impression. Available with the option to accommodate (1) or (2) sidelights with the material, glass and design of your choice. The use of sidelights is a great option if your door opening is exceptionally wide.

Model Design External Dimensions (inches) Wood/Finish
GD-PVT-A4W SLS36 60x108 CST Single with Solid Sidelite Unit size: 99-3/4 x 111-1/2 - Slab Size: 60 x 108 in.

Shown sidelite size: 36"

Sidelites are available in 13-3/4, 19-3/4, 25-3/4, 31-3/4" and custom size

Mahogany with Semi Gloss Black Paint Finish

Shown in Mahogany with Semi-Gloss Black Paint Finish

Wood Samples CloseUp
Wood Door Glass and CloseUp
close up

Door Corner Sample

Modern EuroTechTM (Euro Technology)

The Euro Technology construction method is a unique door sandwich design that is composed of a thermal insulation board, stiles and rails made from solid European wood, and layers of aluminum sheets and plywood in several wood veneers like Mahogany. Building our doors with Euro Technology allows us to offer some of the most resilient doors on the market.

This design allows for our doors to have unrivaled stability, durability, and thermal performance. If you are looking for a sleek, jaw-dropping modern entryway, look no further. Our Modern collection features floating paneled structures, flush doors, and oversized door systems in a variety of stunning designs. The precise horizontal and vertical alignments, continuous glazed openings, and crisp, defined lines featured on our Modern collection beautifully compliment any modern home. Feel free to select any one of our pre-designed models or design your very own custom modern door, be it from scratch or based off of any of our current models. No matter your selection, you will feel secure knowing that you have one of the most durable, stable, thermally efficient doors on the market.

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Pivot Door

Pivot Door

Pivot Doors revolve around a hinge that is offset from where a hinge would be on a traditional door. The craftsmanship and technology of a Pivot hinge allows for a larger opening than most other types of doors since traditional hinges cannot carry the same kind of weight.

Glenview Haus Door Collections incorporate styles from Modern to Heritage, offering your clients the highest quality of craftsmanship

A front door is a home's first impression. They are the first thing seen and studied while visitors wait for entry, and so they set the mood for the rest of the house. Clients want front doors that are welcoming, stylish and are a reflection of the individuals who live inside. Glenview Haus provides made-to-order wooden entry ways that give clients the ability to express themselves and their home with a beautifully crafted, furniture-grade entry doors. Offering styles ranging from modern to rustic, Glenview Haus has doors to fit every desire.

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