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Modern Interior Door Hardware Modern Interior Doors Renovation in Bucktown, Chicago, IL | Glenview Haus - Custom Doors and Wine Cellars, Chicago, IL 60654

Modern Interior Doors Renovation in Bucktown, Chicago, IL - Glenview Haus Project

The goal of this project was to revamp the space and add an additional touch of modern design through the use of warm Walnut Eco-Veneer doors. With warm tones, we were able to play on the traditional feel of the space, yet bring in modern touches with the magnetic latch hardware, concealed hinges, and flush designs. The seamlessly matching frames give an added touch of style, making these door units appear intentional and luxe. Noticed by every individual who walks through space, our Modern Interior doors are made to be an additional form of design that should complement and elevate your space. Whenever we encounter a renovation project, we often anticipate certain obstacles. Existing design elements (flooring, wall thickness, building codes, etc.) and limited budgets can usually be tough to overcome. However, with our Modern Interior door package, we can provide flexible pricing and flexible styles and finishes that are guaranteed to complement any residence. Each door line has several different complementary designs to choose from, which can add variation throughout your home, while still providing a cohesive style that creates a meaningful flow.

Modern Interior Door Hardware

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Showroom: 303 W Erie St., Unit 100,
Chicago, IL 60654