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Wine Cellar Section View with Door Opened Modern Custom Wine Cellar in Streeterville, Chicago | Glenview Haus - Custom Doors and Wine Cellars, Chicago, IL 60654

Modern Custom Wine Cellar in Streeterville, Chicago - Glenview Haus Project

Beautiful wine collections need an equally beautiful display. Our customers located in the Streeterville area had an enormous collection, and we provided them with the added illusion of an enormous wine cellar! One of our favorite elements of this modern wine cellar is the mirrored ceiling. This is a creative trick to provide an infinite appearance that will elude to the idea of having hundreds of shelves! Each corner of this modern wine cellar is complemented by our different racking techniques. Our display shelves allow each bottle to have its own moment of appreciation, to create an artful look that is sure to impress. When our client approached us with an idea of housing their extensive wine collection in their modern high rise residence, we were thrilled! After viewing their incredibly modern home, we realized that we could not provide them with a traditional wine cellar. We were presented with an exciting task of reimagining our traditional displays, to a clean and sleek modern design. As designers, maintaining the flow of a home is very important to us and our mission is to enhance the home’s existing features. From the wine cellar door to the ceiling, we were able to bring our A-game and create a complementary extension to our customer’s home. Our custom wine cellar door is equipped with a matching threshold, that holds all of the cold air in place. When you take a step inside, you are greeted from floor to ceiling with exquisite design. From our customer’s collectible storage boxes to 4 upward facing display shelves, you are immediately aware that this is a work of art. Each display shelf is adorned with its own light strip that further draws attention to the collectible wine bottles. As you glance up further, you see our storage shelves in full force. Playing off of the vast collection, we decided to install a mirrored ceiling. This design element allowed us to have some fun, and to further accentuate the large collection. This modern wine cellar is complete with a clear glass insulated Modern door that creates a temperature-controlled environment, conducive for preserving wine for decades. As designers, we were presented with a wonderful opportunity to showcase several of our strong suits. We were able to provide our client with a modern wine cellar, as well as an engineered, temperature-controlled environment.

Wine Cellar Section View with Door Opened

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Showroom: 303 W Erie St., Unit 100,
Chicago, IL 60654

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