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Custom Front Wood Door EuroTechTM (Euro Technology) Classic Collection Single with 1 Sidelite GD-114PS 1SL CST

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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the GD-114 is a gorgeous wooden entry door that boasts a classic design. This exterior door is made with top-quality oak or mahogany wood and comes in a range of finishes. The unique face design features vertical and horizontal lines that create striking rectangular patterns, giving the door a distinguished look. With three beautiful glass inserts, this door adds a touch of elegance to your home's exterior. The hardware on this door is robust and built to last, providing excellent security and durability. Whether you want to complement a traditional-style home or add a touch of classic charm to a modern abode, this classic exterior door is an excellent choice for homeowners who want a front door that blends traditional craftsmanship with contemporary style.

Classic: Our classic doors are the epitome of timeless design, bringing back an elegance that is often lost in modern doors. This style is perfect for classically styled homes and features high-quality materials. At Glenview Haus, our skilled artisans use furniture-quality stains and techniques to enhance the natural elegance of the wood grains. For those who desire a classic and sophisticated door, our craftsman style doors are the perfect choice.

Model Design External Dimensions (inches) Wood/Finish Glass
GD-114PS 1SL CST Single with 1 Sidelite 48 x 81 x 4-9/16 Rift Cut Oak with Gray Oak Finish Clear

Shown in Rift Cut Oak with Gray-Oak Finish

Wood Samples CloseUp
Wood Door Glass and CloseUp
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This EuroTechTM Door Collection (Quick-Ship & Custom)

GD-114PT Single Mahogany-Walnut Wood Front Entry Door

GD-114PT Quick-Ship

GD-114PT Single Mahogany-Espresso Wood Front Entry Door

GD-114PT Quick-Ship

GD-114PW Single Mahogany-Walnut Wood Front Entry Door

GD-114PW Quick-Ship

GD-114PW Single Mahogany-Espresso Wood Front Entry Door

GD-114PW Quick-Ship

GD-114PW CST Single Mahogany-Espresso Wood Front Entry Door

GD-114PW CST Custom

GD-114PS 1SL CST Single with 1 Sidelite Rift Cut Oak-Gray-Oak Wood Front Entry Door

GD-114PS 1SL CST Custom

GD-114PS CST Single Mahogany-Espresso Wood Front Entry Door

GD-114PS CST Custom

Available Wood/Finish Options:

Mahogany Wood

Mahogany Wood, Earth Finish
Mahogany Wood, Walnut Finish
Mahogany Wood, Coffee Bean Finish
Mahogany Wood, Espresso Finish
Mahogany Wood, Dark Mahogany Finish
Mahogany Wood, Gun Metal Finish
Mahogany Wood, City Gray Finish
Mahogany Wood, White Matte Paint Finish
Mahogany Wood, Black Matte Paint Finish

Oak Wood

Oak Wood, Light Loft Finish
Oak Wood, Traditional Finish
Oak Wood, Earth Finish
Oak Wood, Walnut Finish
Oak Wood, Coffee Bean Finish
Oak Wood, Espresso Finish
Oak Wood, Gray Oak Finish

Available Glass Options

Clear in-Stock Door Glass
Clear-Beveled in-Stock Door Glass
Satinato in-Stock Door Glass
Satinato-Beveled in-Stock Door Glass
Cathedral in-Stock Door Glass
Chinchila in-Stock Door Glass
Rain in-Stock Door Glass
Waterfall in-Stock Door Glass
Seedy-Baroque in-Stock Door Glass
Reed-1-2 in-Stock Door Glass

EuroTechTM (Euro Technology)

Flat Panel, No Raised Molding

The distinctive construction approach of Euro Technology ensures that doors retain the luxurious appearance and texture of a solid mahogany wood door while delivering significantly improved stability, durability, and thermal efficiency. Doors crafted using this technique feature finger-jointed and edge-glued stiles and rails, made up of solid wood pieces, a sturdy polystyrene core, and authentic mahogany wood veneer. The outcome is a door that replicates the look and feel of a conventional solid wood door but with superior performance.

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Classic Front Entry Doors

Glenview Haus Classic Collection of front doors provides solid wood doors that are elegantly styled with archetypal designs. These custom-made wooden front doors feature elaborate, raised moldings. Showcasing two-panel and one-panel door styles, clients can choose which time-honored look will better suit their home. The Classic Collection of front doors can additionally be customized with intricate and beautifully unique jointed and lead patterns to better fit the personalities of the individuals who live inside. The artisans at Glenview Haus focus on enhancing the natural elegance of the high-end wood grains by using furniture-quality stains and techniques.

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