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Steel & Glass Interior Door - GD-STL-W4-36x96-1SL36-W4-TR24-W1

Available in Custom Sizes

Interior Steel Door

1SLW-Transom SLW 1SLW TR Steel Interior Door

STL-W4-1SL-TR Steel Interior Door
Single with 1 Sidelite - Wide with Transom,
Slab: 36 x 96"
Unit: 73-7/8 x 121-3/8"
Sidelite Width: 36"


This steel interior door is made up of four glass panes separated by horizontal rails. The rails add structure to the design, but are narrow enough to not disrupt the natural light. With minimalism in mind, this 4 pane style allows for a slight distinction between rooms, without compromising on the flowing light. With the ability to choose your style of glass, you have the ability to make this a privacy door unit.

Our steel interior doors from Glenview Haus are practical, light, and modern due to slim stiles and rails complemented by large window panes. They are ideal for residential spaces like apartments, homes, or condominiums, and they are also perfect for commercial spaces like restaurants, offices, and stores. Steel interior doors complement industrial, modern, traditional, and transitional architectural styles.

Types of Fittings Available with Magnetick Lock


Steel Door Handle - Steel handrail 20
Steel Door Handle - Steel handle 25
Steel Door Handle - Pull 30
Steel Door Handle - Pull 50

Steel Handle
(1-point lock, opened only with a handle)

Steel Door Handle - Loft handle (standard)
Steel Door Handle - LUCY handle
Steel Door Handle - Square handle
Steel Door Handle - Modern handle

Steel Handle
(1-point lock with a patent insert)

Steel Door Handle - LONG handle
Steel Door Handle - LUCY handle
Steel Door Handle - Square handle

Steel Handle
(1-point lock with a WC type insert)

Steel Door Handle - LUCY handle
Steel Door Handle - Square handle

Glass Available

Clear glass
Satinato glass
Bronze  Glass
Graphite  Glass
Satinato-Graphite glass
Dark-Graphite glass
Fluted glass
Fluted-Matt glass
Estriado glass
Wired glass

Colors Available

Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-7016
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-7021
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-9004
Steel Exterior Door Color - RAL-9005
Steel Door Color - RAL-9003

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