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– Andrea Crowe (Google)

Glenview Haus Reviews


– Andrea Crowe (Google)

“Amazing! Over-the-top service, professionalism and workmanship! They go the extra mile to bring the big picture into focus. Keep up the great work!”


– Adrienne Grimmell (Google)

“Had a wonderful experience on my entry door project. They staff at Glenview Haus is very professional and detail oriented. Not one thing was overlooked. The entire process went smoothly.”


– Vanessa M., Chicago, IL (Yelp)

“We have used Glenview Haus for our new home in Chicago and it is the best decision we could have made. Product is gorgeous and service is professional. Highly recommended.”


– Nicole Alexander (Facebook)

“We used Glenview Haus for all of our doors in our boutique hotel project. Not only was their customer service outstanding, their product exceeds beyond words. We are so happy with all of their custom doors and with the pricing that we will only use them going forward.

We took a tour of their fabrication facility and were able to see the craftsmanship that goes into each door and detail. Highly recommend them on any large or small project. They will have what you need! They have everything from hinges to hardware. Thank you Michelle Labriola for such a great experience!”


– Adrienne G., Chicago, IL (Yelp)

“Had a wonderful experience on my entry door project. The staff is very personable and detail oriented. The whole project went very smoothly.”




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