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Custom Modern & Traditional Front Doors, Interior Doors, Wine Cellars & Cabinets

Welcome to Glenview Haus, your premier destination for customized doors that perfectly complement your homes. We offer a diverse selection of handcrafted modern doors, including steel and glass interior doors, steel and glass exterior doors, modern EuroTech entry doors, and modern interior doors. Explore our extensive range of high-quality doors, experience our exceptional customer support, and visit our showroom in the heart of Chicago's River North neighborhood at 303 W. Erie Street. At Glenview Haus, we understand the importance of creating spaces that reflect your unique style. That's why we specialize in crafting doors that are tailored to your design preferences. Whether you're looking for an exquisite entry door to make a grand statement or sleek steel and glass doors to enhance your modern interior, we have the perfect solution for you.

Glenview Haus is proud to carry our made-to-last EuroTech modern entry doors that feel like wooden doors but are weather and time resistant. We are also proud of our fully customizable steel and glass interior and exterior doors, perfect for residential and commercial spaces. Our modern interior doors – Luxeline and Ecoline – are meticulously designed to elevate your spaces and are offered in a variety of styles, finishes, and configurations to suit all your needs. Discover the world of Glenview Haus and elevate your home with our exceptional doors. Browse our website to explore our extensive range of products, and feel free to contact our knowledgeable team for personalized assistance. Enhance your living spaces with our handcrafted steel and glass doors, modern EuroTech entry doors, and modern interior doors. Trust Glenview Haus to deliver unparalleled quality and style that will transform any home into a masterpiece.

Be sure to make an appointment for a personalized tour at 303 W Erie St., Unit 100,
Chicago, IL 60654


EuroTech™ Entry Doors Now Hurricane and Impact Certified by Glenview

Glenview Doors is excited to introduce our new hurricane-certified EuroTechTM entry doors. These doors uphold the unmatched quality, beauty, and aesthetic you rely on, now certified to protect homes from powerful storms and impacts.

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Steel Exterior Doors - Modern Style

At Glenview Haus the goal of our Steel Exterior Door Collection is to provide customers with a preeminent modern, industrial design with quality performance in insolation and safety despite its minimalist aesthetic. The slim lines of the surface structures provide an entryway for light to pass through and brighten any space without obstruction. The premier thermal insulation on all of our doors leave them fit for any climate. Utilizing the best technology available in our Steel Exterior Door Collection, our thermally broken steel frame along with our elite fiberglass-reinforced polyamide insulator and double-glazed glass with argon gas insulation provide our customers with unmatched insulation capabilities.

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PIVOT DOORS - Modern Doors, Front Entry, EuroTechTM

The Glenview Haus Pivot Front Door collection provides a sleek welcome into any contemporary, transitional and modern Chicago or North Shore home. With state-of-the-art insulation, our Pivot Door Collection is the first of its kind when it comes to practicality in more extreme Chicago or North Shore climates. With a sturdy door thickness, complimentary multi-point lock and a double rabbeted jamb; this door is as safe as it is beautiful.

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Modern Interior Doors

For those who envision the perfect, contemporary home, Glenview Haus offers a vast collection of Modern Interior Doors. Our modern interior wood doors feature strong, horizontal lines and geometrical designs that work together to create an unmistakable and artistic effect. This collection flaunts trendsetting looks and styles that are sure to create the perfect modern or contemporary atmosphere in your home. Our interior doors are designed so that the doors inside of your home are as beautiful as the front entry door.

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Aluminum Clad Wood Entry Doors - Modern Custom Doors, EuroTechTM

Solid Wood entry doors are known for their elegance and high quality appearance and function. However, they are at a higher risk to of being negatively impacted if exposed to harsh weather and direct sunlight. We have sourced a solution to still provide the solid wood feel and look, but without the risk of wear and tear. Our Modern Euro-Technology construction utilizes a sandwich technology that can withstand the elements, while maintaining its structure and beauty. We have also gone a step further to protect against the elements, by incorporating aluminum shield technology.

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Glass and Steel Interior Doors - Modern Doors

Glenview Doors offers collection of interior steel doors and steel diving glass walls with narrow stile and rails which are guaranteed to satisfy most discerning clients in Chicago and Illinois suburbs. This line of interior steel doors offer timeless and tasteful design for condos, single family homes and offices in Chicago and across the state of Illinois. The steel and glass interior doors have a luxurious yet minimalist look and complement various architectural styles including modern, industrial, transitional and traditional which are popular across Chicago and Illinois. The narrow stile and rail steel profiles used for these interior steel doors create very clean and minimalistic look which cannot be offered by other types of doors.

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Custom Modern Cabinets by ErnestRust USA

Glenview Haus is proud to welcome our sister company, Ernest Rust USA, to our line of offerings and our showroom. Ernest Rust is a premier manufacturer of high-quality custom cabinets, guiding you through every step of the process, from ideation to installation. Our Ernest Rust team works tirelessly to ensure that our customer's vision comes to life. Our advanced European manufacturing center works closely with our Chicago design team to custom design and produce the finest cabinets on the market. We use high quality materials and a high-tech manufacturing process to produce stunning kitchen, bathroom, office, closet, and living space cabinets for high-end homes and condos.

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Modern & Classic Garage Doors, Wood & Steel Collections

Glenview Haus is excited to partner with Carriage House Door Company and present the collection of Traditional and Modern Garage Doors. At the core of our mission lies the belief that the entrance to your home transcends functionality- it's an expression of artistic ability, a way to reflect your personal style, and a vital element of your home's curb appeal. Guided by these core principles, Glenview Haus proudly upholds a standard of excellence, offering luxurious, durable, and customizable garage doors and entry gates.

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INICIO Windows + Doors: Steel & Aluminum Window Collections

When it comes to creating a modern and luxurious look for your home, INICIO Windows + Doors is the perfect solution. INICIO aluminum window and door collection is not only stunning by design, but are also built with architecturally enhanced frame designs, making them ideal for a statement in any newconstruction or remodel project. INICIO steel windows allow for a variety of glazing packages, using dual and triple glazing to customize your thermal performance.

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Featured Modern Front Project

At Glenview Haus, we are constantly pushing the limits of what we can do for our valued clients. This featured project demonstrates just some of the capabilities we have when it comes to customizing your ideal entrance. Towering over eight feet high and stretching an unprecedented five feet wide, this Aluminum Clad Pivot Door is particularly impressive because of its dimensions. Unlike Glenview Haus, most companies are unable to offer such a wide entrance.

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Exterior Doors By Style

Custom Modern Doors

Modern Front Doors

Modern Collection exterior doors feature strong, horizontal lines and geometrical designs that, though simple, create an unmistakable and artistic effect.

Custom Classic Doors

Classic Doors

Classic front doors provide solid wood doors that are elegantly styled with archetypal designs. These custom-made wooden front doors feature elaborate, raised moldings.

Custom Craftsman Doors

Craftsman Doors

Craftsman doors stand out with their impressive style. As a product of the American Arts and Crafts movement, they reflect the simplicity of the early 20th century with beautiful woodwork.

Custom Heritage Doors

Heritage Doors

Heritage Collection of front doors showcases the unique and intricate carvings typical of sophisticated European opulence and old world craftsmanship.

 Steel Exterior Doors

Exterior Steel Doors

At Glenview Haus the goal of our Steel Exterior Door Collection is to provide customers with a preeminent modern, industrial design with quality performance.

 Hurricane Rated Front Doors

Hurricane Rated Doors

We are excited to introduce our new hurricane-certified entry doors. These doors uphold the unmatched quality, beauty, and aesthetic you rely on, now certified.

Doors By Design

Custom Single Doors

Single Doors

Offering styles ranging from modern, transitional, classic, craftsman to heritage / old world style doors.

Custom Single with Sidelites Doors

Single w/ Sidelites Doors

Glenview Haus provides made-to-order wooden entry ways that give clients the ability to express themselves with a beautifully crafted, furniture-grade entry doors.

Custom Double Doors

Double Doors

Expert craftsmanship, proven engineered design and hand applied multiple step finish result in doors of unsurpassed quality and beauty.

Custom Arch Top Doors

Arch Top Doors

A front door is a home's first impression. They are the first thing seen and studied while visitors wait for entry, and so they set the mood for the rest of the house.

Custom Pivot Doors

Pivot Doors

We offer highest quality Modern Pivot Entry Doors which perfectly complement modern and contemporary architecture styles.

Aluminum Clad

Aluminum Clad Doors

We have also gone a step further to protect against the elements, by incorporating aluminum shield technology.

Interior Doors By Type

Custom Modern Interior Doors

Modern Interior Doors

Our collection of modern interior doors are made in Europe and deliver superior performance due to the latest European technology and highest level of designs and quality for interior doors.

Paint Grade MDF Interior Doors, Custom

Paint Grade Interior Doors

TruStile pioneered the use of medium density fiberboard (MDF) as a preferred material for painted door applications, realizing its many advantages over alternative materials like natural wood.

Steel Interior Doors, Custom

Steel Interior Doors

Glenview Doors offers collection of interior steel doors and steel diving glass walls with narrow stile and rails which are guaranteed to satisfy most discerning clients in Chicago, Illinois suburbs.

Steel Interior Doors, In-Stock

In-Stock Steel Interior

Our steel interior doors from Glenview Haus are practical, light, and modern due to slim stiles and rails complemented by large window panes.

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